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Coilover Suspension

E-Motor USA , we have a two variety of coilovers to ensure that you have every coilover kit option available to you from adjustable dampening to non adjustable dampening. We go out of our way to carry one of the best coilovers on the market for a great price. E-Motor USA is the ultimate shopping destination for your coilover kit needs.
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Cat-back Exhaust

A properly designed exhaust system is critical to engine performance. E-Motor’s premium Exhaust systems were developed with this in mind and are based off of more than 10 year’s worth of racing experience. Dyno-proven for maximum horsepower, EMUSA Racing Exhaust systems are constructed of T-304 stainless steel, are robotically TIG welded, and feature CNC mandrel bends for a perfect fitment to your vehicle. EMUSA Racing Exhaust systems offer more performance, better build-quality, and ultimate sound when compared to comparably priced exhaust systems.


EMUSA Racing has designed some very sleep sleek and off the wall high-performance, universal front-mount intercoolers. From the traditional show-off front mount to the stylish top or bottom mount intercoolers, we have an intercooler that is just right for you,EMUSA Racing is dedicated not only to quality and precision tuning, but also to a superior looking product that will please every car enthusiast. EMUSA Racing intercoolers kits are constructed of 6061 aluminum with precision TIG welding. Our universal intercoolers provide the ideal cooling capacity for any small or large turbo application, while safely increasing horsepower and giving that extra boost that every driver appreciates. Accessory silicone hose couplers are also available for use with your intercooler.


A wastegate is a valve that diverts exhaust gases away from the turbine wheel in a turbocharged engine system. Diversion of exhaust gases regulates the turbine speed, which in turn regulates the rotating speed of the compressor. The primary function of the wastegate is to regulate the maximum boost pressure in turbocharger systems, to protect the engine and the turbocharger. One advantage of installing a wastegate to a free-float (or non-WG) turbo includes allowance for a smaller A/R turbine housing, resulting in less lag time before the turbo begins to spool and create boost which EMUSA Racing can provide you with all your Wastegate needs.

Camber Kit

At E-Motor USA, we have a huge variety of camber kits to ensure that you have every camber kit option available to you. We go out of our way to carry every color designed in a camber kits, so that whether you are looking for a rear camber kit or a front camber kit, we've got it for you. E-Motor USA is the ultimate shopping destination for your camber kit needs.