Diesel Fuel Tank Sump Kit w/ Hole Saw For Cummins Powerstroke Duramax

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Uses all available fuel from the tank. No issues with sucking air when below ¼ tank. Perfect for use with today's high flow lift pump systems. (Airdog, FASS, etc)
Stand pipe cut into the inside of the sump to reduce the amount of sediments that get to your filter system.
Drain Plug for future tank servicing or sediment draining.
Single bolt design that allows for 5 minute install as well as less chances for leaks that other tanks sumps may have when using multiple bolts drilled into the tank.
Stainless Steel hardware and Brass ½” Pushlock fitting provided.
Comes with 3” hole saw to make the only hole needed in your tank for install.
Inner “X” ring designed to go through the 3” hole so tank does not need to be dropped.
Viton O-ring for sealing that is impervious to diesel fuels.
Super strong 1 piece machined billet design.
Can be installed on any fuel tank with an available 4” diameter flat area
For Cummins, Duramax, & Powerstroke Diesel Trucks