Ignition Coil For 1992-1993 Base Coupe 2D 1.6L 5170/5C1122/UF313 High Quality

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Mazda MX-3
1992-1993 GS Coupe 2D 1.8L
1992-1993 Base Coupe 2D 1.6L
1993 SE Coupe 2D 1.8L
Mazda MX-6
1993-1994 LS Coupe 2D 2.5L
Mazda 626
1993-1994 ES Sedan 4D 2.5L
1994 LX Sedan 4D 2.5L
Ford Probe
1993-1994 GT Hatchback 2D 2.5L
Please check the details with the compatibility chart.
100% Brand New, Never Used or Installed
After Market Product.
Replacement REF:
5170 / 5C1122 / UF313 / C1324 / F693 / H3T024 / H3T021 / F32Z12029AA / F32Z12029AB / H3T021MIT / KLY118V00 / KLY118V80