Lgnition Coil For Acura Integra Honda Accord Civic CR-V Del Sol 30510-PT2-006

SKU: IGC HD 30510-PT2-006
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Acura Integra
1993          GS-R Hatchback 3D 1.7L
1994-1997 GS-R Sedan 4D/Hatchback 3D 1.8L
1997          Type R Hatchback 3d 1.8L
1994-2001 LS Hatchback 3D/Sedan 4D 1.8L
1995-1996 Special Edition Hatchback 3D/Sedan 4D 1.8L
1992          GS Hatchback 3D/Sedan 4D 1.8L
1997-2001 GS Hatchback 3D/Sedan 4D 1.8L
1994-1998 RS Hatchback 3D 1.8L
1994-1996 RS Sedan 4D 1.8L
Acura EL
1997-2000 Base Sedan 4D 1.6L 97Cu
Honda Accord
1990          DX Coupe 2D/Sedan 4D 2.2L
1998-2002 DX Sedan 4D 2.3L
1991          LX Coupe 2D/Sedan 4D/Wagon 5D 2.2L
2001-2002 Value Package Sedan 4D 2.3L
Honda Civic
1993          DX Coupe 2D/Hatchback 3D/Sedan 4D 1.5L
1996-1998 DX Coupe 2D/Hatchback 3D/Sedan 4D 1.6L
1999          DX Coupe 2D/Hatchback 3D/Sedan 4D 1.6L with TEC  Distributor
1995          LX Sedan 4D 1.5L
1996-1998 LX Sedan 4D 1.6L
1992          Si Hatchback 3D 1.6L
1996-1998 Si Coupe 2D 1.6L
1996-1998 CX Hatchback 3D 1.6L
1994          EX Sedan 4D/Coupe 2D 1.6L
1996-1998 EX Sedan 4D/Coupe 2D 1.6L
2000          EX Sedan 4D/Coupe 2D 1.6L with TEC Distributor
1998          GX Sedan 4D 1.6L
1996-1998 HX Coupe 2D 1.6L
Honda Civic Del Sol
1993          Si Coupe 2D 1.6L
1997          Si Coupe 2D 1.6L
1994          S Coupe 2D 1.5L
1996          S Coupe 2D 1.6L
1995          VTEC Coupe 2D 1.6L
Honda CR-V
1997-1999 LX Sport Utility 4D 2.0L
2000-2001 EX Sport Utility 4D 2.0L
100% Brand New, Never Used or Installed
After Market Product.
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