Silver Swivel Neck Thermostat Housing for K-Serie Swap K20 K20A K20A2 K20Z1 K24A

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If you need lower your rad hose
If your OEM plastic water neck broken
If you need relocated your fan switch
Then, you need this product "Swivel New Thermostat"
It help you solve the issue, give you more options when you doing your swap.
Allow you to adjust the position the water outlet angle before it tightened down
Help you custom made fitting which is the same size and the OEM rad hose on one end, and threaded for an AN fitting on another end.
If you want use braided hose with AN fitting, this product is easy to install
It comes with pre-assembled with a quality stant thermostat (180 deg °F) which is held in place with a 'C' clip. 
Fits both K20 &K24 Engines.
Fits all K-Series Engines
100% Brand NEW
Made of high quality aluminum
Three ports in the body
1st ports for fan switch
2nd 1/8NPT ports for gauges
3rd  NPT port for optional recirculation fitting
Two NPT plugs are comes with it, in case the ports remain unused.
Standard size thermostat help you easy to replace with anything in the (160-195 °F) degree range.
Adjustable, set the rad hose at any angle you need
Fan switch port for engine swaps
Easy to delete heater core hoses on race cars
Threaded water outlet for custom setups